While convenient and necessary, electricity is dangerous. If your home or place of business experiences a fault, it can result in severe injury and even death. This is precisely why electrical safety switches are fitted.

This device automatically switches off the power in the event of a fault. This could, in turn, prevent a fire and any resulting damage. Even if you have a circuit breaker, you are still legally required to have a minimum of two safety switches fitted. The safety switches are to protect all the lights and power circuits. Our highly qualified team will be able to assist you with this.

In addition to safety switch installations, we can also assist with repairing electric switchboards in homes and offices. While we encourage our clients never to do their own electrical work, we do want them to know what to do if their power switches off. They need to know where their main switch is and it needs to be working correctly, which is what VJ Electrical can help with through our switchboard repair services.

Our team can also perform switchboard upgrades, which is essential if your home does not have a safety switch. An upgrade is also needed if you have renovated and extended your home or office space. If your switchboard is not correctly configured and up-to-date, it could result in a power overload.

If your home or office switchboard requires repairs or upgrades, contact VJ Electrical today. We service a range of areas in and around Perth, including Bedfordale, Kelmscott, and the south metro area. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that we will be able to help ensure the safety of your family or workers.

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